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Mon, Jul. 24th, 2006, 02:24 am

Livejournals getting all high-tech lately.

It's 2:25 am.
I'm awake. Not a big suprise.

I don't even know why I'm updating.
No one reads it

I spend my summer days with friends.
Basically everyday.

I'm never on here.
MySpace takes up my internet time.

Nora is going off to college.
Alex is going off to college.
Oh hi sophmore year of highschool.

It seems just yesterday that it was 8th grade.
About 2-3 updates ago was Washington. My 8th grade trip.
I love my life. Have I ever mentioned that?
Thinking about life is my life.
Let's look at my theories to survive high school.

If love were true, it'd find you. So don't beg to get a boyfriend. It won't work and it probably won't last. Get over it. Guys will be hitting on you in a few years, anyways.
You're going to meet people that you might not like. 
The only reason you don't like them is because you compare them to yourself. Don't lie. You do.
Just because they're different from the way you think does not give you the right to tell them how un-perfect they are.
NO ONE is perfect. Not one soul. And if you think you are, then you must give me the definition of perfect, because I'm sure tons of people would want to be just-like-you.

Not gunna lie, I usually don't follow my own theories.
I try to when I get hella stressed out. It calms me down, but when I get caught up in the moment, I usually find myself fighting an immature non-ending battle.

OH another thing.
Don't fight. Walk away. You're the better person when you walk away because you end it.
Or talk about it and resolve things.
But don't punch them in the face. 
What if I came up to you and punched you in the face. You'd get pretty pissed off, correct?
Point stated.

You're not any different from anyone else.
Just because you're prettier, more muscular, straight, smarter, more "popular", does not make you any better than the people that you enjoy least in your class.
Yeah. Shocker =O.
You're equal to everyone in your grade. 
And those people that are considered "not popular" are only "not popular" because they're not identical to you.
I'm sorry there are different people in this world.
Get over it.
If everyone were perfect JUST LIKE YOU, then I'd probably kill myself due to a colorless and spiritless world.

Okay. I think we're back, now.

Live like you were dying tomorrow.
If you were to die tomorrow, who would come to your funeral?
And if you seriously are thinking uncommonly hard about your own funeral, then I believe you need to change a few priorities.
Be nice. Say hello to people and introduce yourself. You're lucky to even have friends, so tell them it was nice to meet them when you do.
Care. If you're there for them, I'm sure they'll be grateful and undoubtfully be there for you.
Think about it: when your main friends leave you, will you have other friends to be there for you?
Let's hope so. next.
If you're hesitating to tell someone you love them, you're making a huge mistake.
What if they were gone tomorrow? Then that would be one HUGE regret.
So tell them. It's-not-that-hard. It really isn't.

Do not ponder and pause for your actions and deciding whether or not to do them.
Lifes not that long, kiddo. If you're going to do something, you might want to stop putting it off.
You'll never get to it.

Writing all this should give you an idea
As to why I'm still alive after my freshman year of high school.

I want my braces off. Right now. OW.
I want to go to bed. Right now.
okay. :)

Tue, Feb. 21st, 2006, 10:24 am

I'm only updating to show that I'm still alive.

And for the fact that I'm never on this anymore.

Because MySpace, getting a high school education, and AIM take up most of it.
What can I sayyy, I'm a teenager.

It's pretty pathetic that I'm so overly bored I'm updating my livejournal.
basically. thats mine. and thats me.
andddd I had to make it private :]
Because my dad informed me that he's checked it before.
And me and Nora WON'T let him get a myspace.

I got a PowerShot S2 IS for Christmas.
Check it outt.
You would be.

I've been in and out of my psychology appointments, orthodontist, going between here and the mall, and parties.
I'm pretty sick. I usually go to the mall at LEAST twice a week.
You'd think everyone would know me there by now.
The people at Taco Bell, do.
I know that.

We have this week off. My Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights//days will be full of The Wiz. Which is the black version of The Wizard of Oz. No joke. Us and our, like, completely WHITE greece school... we have girls up on stage saying things like "ooohhh girlll... im wearin WHITE to tha weddinn!"

I'm sorry if that sounded racist to anyone. It wasn't supposed to, but some people might take it that way.

Everytime I go into the nurses for a stomach ache, now... because you know me. I have a weak stomach. And it likes to get me sick a lot. The nurse always says "It's because youre not eating".
The nurse thinks im anorexic... because I like to drop weight.
Even though my friends watch me pig out on Taco Bell, ice cream, and McDonalds like, every weekend.
She's weird. No one likes her. All my guy friends think her 20something year old daughter's hott.
I personally think she should just shut up.

I hate my humanities teachers. Ms Witt and Mr. Insalaco. Mr. Insalaco's sisters that girl in the Olympics. #20 I think? She's realllllly good. He's always talking about her.
And he also has this thing of getting witt's approval on everything. He'd say something about some ancient civilization and then either..
1. Witt would interupt and correct him, where he'd be like "OH THATS WHAT I MEANT. SORRY"
2. He'd look at her until she said something that added to it.
3. He'd lose the classes attention and Witt would yell.

Overall, he's a crappy teacher.
It's his first year, though. So I can't blame him for wanting to follow in Witt's footsteps, who's retiring after her years with our class.

Oh boyyy I'm done.
I would write more, but I have to go eat breakfast.
My stomach hurts I'm so hungry.
Eggs over easy... with toastt.
Yeeeeah sounds pretty fantastic to me.

Sun, Sep. 4th, 2005, 06:24 pm

I'm sorry for the lack of update-age.

I switched my home page to MySpace.
Therefore, I never really check my livejournal anymore.

Poor livejournal, I dis-owned it :(

I'll update during the school year, though.
Yes, definitely.
And you will see pictures, eventually of my entire summer.
So lets see here... where have I been all summer?
-camping with toria
-cedar point with toria
-darien lake with toria (and sam- but hes gross .. blegh)
-seabreeze with toria
-tanning with toria
-Going to parties with toria
*Birthday parties
-one last night for Lola at her cabin on canidaigua lake
-one tuesday night till wednesday for Emo April!
--both completely awesomeeee!
-i dont even remember how many times a week ive gone to the mall.
*Family stuff
-florida with dad (i actually updated during that week)
-noras gigs and the public market
-alex being in and out of the house
-at LEAST 6 hours of myspace, daily
--which i dont think is healthy
*andddd home
-trying to darken my "tan" thats not really a tan because i dont look tan.
-watching tv
-going on the computer and AIM
-taking showers
-doing laundry

i still have yet to go school shopping. but i dont need that much- i want a few cute new shirts, maybe. and courduroys- because i love those. anddd some new socks and stuff.
and school supply shopping... yeah. we have NOTHING for this school year, yet. haha my family waits till the last minute for everything- its funny.

time for some men in black/cleaning the cats litter box time.

Mon, Aug. 8th, 2005, 03:42 pm


Mon, Aug. 8th, 2005, 03:28 pm

This is seriously a useless post.


But I had to update.

Dont mind this.


blah blah blah



This kid= awesome, but only sometimes.

When he's not talking to you, he's cool. :)


I SO just made my duct tape folder for this year, butttttttttt it's not purple duct tape like last year! It's regular kind.

Yeah I'm incredibly bored.

So im out.

woot woot woot

Fri, Aug. 5th, 2005, 11:25 pm

This is for the best disease in the whole world, my SARS.

I wanna be the girl tht never leaves your mind,
The girl you always talk to with words so sweet and kind.
I wanna be the girl that you hold in your arms so tight,
The girl whos presence makes your life seem right.
I wanna be the girl whos name never leaves your lips,
The girl that you will always love no matter how blonde she gets.
I wanna be the girl who is in all the pictures on your wall,
The girl you always brag about, the girl you always call.
I wanna be the girl who takes your breath away,
The girl who reminds you each and every day
That there is always something to live for.

She wroteeee it. Because she's freakin amazing at writing stuff like that and I <3 her so I thought I'd make her feel special by putting it in here :)

Wed, Aug. 3rd, 2005, 10:34 pm

AdamAce90: all eye brows r beautiful as long as they dont look like mr farmers



This made my day.

Mon, Aug. 1st, 2005, 09:27 am
Grrr you, Fossil Fuels...

My god- if we keep this up, the US is going to turn into the movie The Day After Tomarrow.

Which means trouble for us- we're in Ra-cha-cha.


Read more there^

Tue, Jul. 26th, 2005, 11:59 pm

So I just came home and read what Toria put on my away message... and realized how she was totally right... and I was actually thinking about what I said to her earlier and realized... wow. Did I just say that? Because I totalllyyyyy did not mean it. Saying that just wouldn't be me- but I did say it, which means I was NOT being myself... so heres my apology. I actually DID type it up on aim and I tried sending it to you, but then I realized- wow I'm stupid- because she's been offline for over an hour...


So here's my apology...

anotherdumbsn919: toria- now. when me and jeana were walking home, i was thinking about this whole thing and i realized it just wasnt me saying that. i mean, when i started getting into rock, i didnt categorize myself as "punk" or "skater" or "goth" because i didnt think i was that. i thought i was me. katie. and i dont exactly know WHY i said that today... i really dont. and ive thought about it a lot and im not gunna categorize myself- and im not gunna dress a certain way for someone, im gunna dress for me. myself- and im not changing for anyone... i mean, yeah. im getting into pink- and jeana today actually went "oh wow katie- you look so much prettier in brighter clothing" and it made me feel good... but i shouldnt be changing for her... or anyone, for that matter...

on another note, im not changing for anyone. it may seem like it, but im not. at all. i mean, think about it- thats just not me- and it confuses me why i said that today. you know i wouldnt change for anyone- even guys... i mean, half of my guy friends dont even care how i look that day... andd my girls, i deffinitely wont change for them- its just, brighter colors make me feel happy- and i shouldnt have categorized myself as "prep" today... because im not prep. im dressing what katie feels like dressing, and if katies.... wow im talking in 3rd person, but anyway... if katies happy that day, she'll dress in more fun clothes, and if katies sad that day, shes gunna dress in more sad clothes. and i dont care that im gunna look like a poser or whatever the hell others may categorize me as, but im just gunna be me..

Therefore, this is my apology to you for saying that today. i hope your not mad/pissed off at me for just not being myself at ALL. forgiveeeeee meeeee.:-(:-\


The end.

Mon, Jul. 25th, 2005, 10:30 pm
Oh gawd- here comes some more of blondeness....


blondeness582: katie
anotherdumbsn919: pete was like "AHHH HES EATING MEEEE AHHH" in his nice german accent
blondeness582: you are wearing capris and a 3/4 length shirt
anotherdumbsn919: :-P
blondeness582: in the middle of july
blondeness582: in FREAKING flordia
anotherdumbsn919: i knowwww
anotherdumbsn919: lmao
anotherdumbsn919: FLORDIA
blondeness582: what is wrong with you child?
anotherdumbsn919: lmmfao
anotherdumbsn919: flllordia
anotherdumbsn919: everyone loves flordia
anotherdumbsn919: lmao
blondeness582: whats so funny?
anotherdumbsn919: toria
blondeness582: katie
anotherdumbsn919: how do you spell florida?
blondeness582: flord......a
blondeness582: o
blondeness582: lmao


blondeness582: i spelled it wrong
blondeness582: wow
blondeness582: i really thought it was spelled "flordia", too
blondeness582: and that would be the reason why i always say "fla" in stead of spelling it

Yes, folks. Meet Toria. My best friend and basically my sister. She is one of the only people that can make me smile...


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